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In-Home Personal Training for women 
Long Island, New York 

If you’re looking for high quality, effective, in-home training for women, you’ve come to the right place. 

"Not just workouts, but Personal Training PROGRAMS".

What Separates DFEAT||FITNESS from the other guys?
 REAL WORKOUTS, for REAL people, who want REAL results.
BETTER Prices, for BETTER training! 

-weight loss
-fat loss
-lower risk of CHD
-lower risk of cancer
-lower blood pressure
-get off medications
-smaller waist
-stronger bones

    My name is Debra and I've been helping women and kids break through barriers and get healthy since 2010. I still have the BEST prices, and the best services around for IN-HOME PERSONAL TRAINING ANYWHERE on LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK. And I intend to STAY that way. I'm not here to make millions, or franchise myself out. I'm here to make people understand the delicate balance of achieving health, wellness and aesthetics, if that's what you're into. 

                                            I'll literally BRING the GYM to YOU

Whether you have a gym in your home, your apartment complex, club house, or job, we can utilize any space big or small! 

No gym? NO Problem! I'll bring my own equipment right to your house, for your convenience. Working out does not have to be complex, sometimes the simplest exercises do the most work! Find out for yourself today. Book a complementary in-home fitness assessment today. You've got nothing to lose. Nobody ever got anywhere procrastinating :) 

If you need safe, effective, in-home personal training, I'm the girl for you.

My job is to MAXIMIZE your health, wellness and most of all your TIME!

The 1st Step to a new life is making your first appointment.
Book Your first free assessment right now!

Free Fitness Assessment Includes:
-Diet Analysis
-Cardiovascular Test
-Muscular Endurance/Strength Test
-Flexibility Test

For Debra Denimarck, cPT & Fitness Specialist

“Debra is an amazing personal trainer! I haven't exercised in years and was very nervous about getting started. Debra is very reassuring, but at the same time very tough. "You can do it, just 5 more," she constantly coaches, when I am ready to give up. Over the past 2 months, she has been gradually increasing the rigor of my routine, which has enabled me to build up my strength but not to stain or injure anything. She's also willing to come in very early in the morning, which works best for me. I am looking forward to continuing my work-outs with Debra.” - Mari Scardapane
“Working out in the gym is so boring for me. I absolutely hate it! But I do know that as much as I hate it.. I do know that I have to stay fit. Especially as I get older. Deb Denimarck is great for someone like me. She pushes me to stay enthused and always challenges me with new/different routines that seem to never get stale.”

Thanks Deb for all your support!
-Ralph L.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with maintaining my weight. I am not nor have I ever been able to eat what I want. After my sons birth I began to gain weight, and by the summer of 2011, I weighed an alarming 200 pounds. I was tired all the time and I didn't have the energy to keep up with my very active two-year-old son. I was “obese”. I worked out with many trainers and at many gyms over the years. I joined Retro Fitness and was matched with Debra. I am determined to be successful this time; I am a woman on a mission! 

By the fourth week, I started to feel and see a difference. Debra turned my “I cannot” into “I can”. I am feeling stronger and more energetic. The support and encouragement I have received from Debra has been amazing. She is knowledgeable and focused. Although we're working on the same areas, she changes up the routine, so you never get bored. I would recommend her to anyone who needs motivation for results.”
Good Luck!!
~ Teresa O'Connor

I met Deb Denimarck in the gym one morning. She approached me and asked me what I was doing. I didn’t know I was doing the exercise incorrectly. SHe showed me the proper way to use a few of the machines, then asked me if I needed any help, and to not hesitate to ask her anything if I ever needed any more help. I’d never seen any of the other trainers do this! There were about 10 other trainers who normally just walk right by and never say anything to anybody! So...I let the idea roll around a little bit. After watching her train many people, I decided to see what it was all about...I asked to set up an appointment with her. Wow! I learned I was doing a LOT of stuff incorrectly and it was probably the reason why I wasnt seeing ANY results! SHe said it’s very common among people, and not to worry. I worked with deb for about 8 or 9 months...and in that time she was always positive, upbeat and energetic. I lost about 2 or 3 inches from my waist! I lost a few pounds! My arms began to take shape. It was pretty amazing! I was wasting my time in the gym for a while before I met debra. I would highly reccomend her o anyone who wants to learn the correct way to workout and get some results! Don’t give up! Get Debra! 
-Terry, Dix Hills, NY 

Debra is a pleasure to work with! If your someone who needs the motivation, then shes it! Shes tough, she’s funny, she’s awesome! You can tell she’s passionate about what she does, and she really knows her stuff. She’ll give you a great, challenging workout, that never is the same. She keeps you moving, so your heart rate is up and your muscles are worked. She calls it “total body” and thats exactly what it is. I’m usually sweating and tired at the end....once I shower I feel like a million bucks! Debra is a great trainer....she wont let you down!

-Mary, Long Island
______________________________________________________________________________Deb! How do you have a smile on your face at 6 in the morning? lol! Debra is super positive super nice but still manages to sneak in a tough work out! SHe’s fun to be around and thats really important to someone who doesn’t really like working out....ya know how you put the t.v. and music on to distract you when your working out? Well Deb does such a good job and keeping you going....your session flys by! She’s fun to workout with! and if you listen to her you’ll definitily see changes! I lost about 13 in about 5 weeks! SLow...but Thats really all I wanted to lose! Oh...and I kept it off. :) 
-Tina F. Long Island, NY


I have 3 kids, and a 4th called husband. We run a business together. We’re always busy! We decided to hire a trainer to come to the house for pure convenience. We decided to make it a family event. Debra first off gave me a great deal for training my whole family! It was really nice! She utuilized my entire back yard and basketball court we have there. She did a lot of drills and games that me and my kids could do together. It was funny at times but I really enjoyed it! Plus...shes so reliable! She was never late like once! Sometimes I wish she would be! lol Just kidding deb :) No But seriously, if you need a good trainer who you can depend on....she’s definitely your girl! You’ll feel better, stronger and more energized in a few weeks after working out with her!




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